• The most recent amendments to the Industrial Property Law in México, effective from 10th August 2018 have caused a fair degree of debate over how to implement the new obligation to file Declarations o

  • Reform of the General Law of Commercial Companies. On June 14, 2018, it was passed the Decree by which Articles 73 and 129 of the General Law of Commercial Companies have been added. These articles co

  • Today, on the International Chamber of Commerce’s Compliance Committee, a variety of topics regarding information and data security were discussed. Mainly, issues about risks, their causes and how to

  • Nowadays in México, corporations tend to think that by developing a privacy notice they are in compliance with the whole framework of data privacy laws in México. This is both wrong and delicate, sinc

  • Mexican Patent Law was recently amended to include the possibility for third parties to oppose patent applications with the Mexican Patent Office. Once a patent application has been published in the O

  • Infringement   Patent litigation in Mexico is a relatively new field of practice for Mexican attorneys. With amendments to the Industrial Property Law which introduced the concept of damages for infri