Intellectual Property

Calderón & de la Sierra offers a global, innovative and comprehensive perspective on a full range of services, closely related to intellectual property. Our highly qualified team of lawyers and technicians is able to represent the interests of our clients with respect to practices related to patents, trademarks, copyrights, industrial secrets and unfair competition, among others.


Our services offer, includes the initial stages of research, preparation and design of strategies, all the instances regarding processing and surveillance, as well as the defense of complex IP situations before the Mexican Institute of Industrial Property, the National Institute Of the Copyright, all the District Courts and corresponding Courts. We also have successfully represented our clients on several occasions at the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation.

At Calderón & de la Sierra, the Patents Department offers a full range of the highest quality in services related to all kind of inventions.


Our patent team has absolute experience in the preparation and filing of patent applications, utility models and industrial designs before the Mexican Institute of Industrial Property, as well as its processing and monitoring, until obtaining its concession. We also provide patent services after it has been granted, such as the payment of annuities and the submission of voluntary modifications.


In addition to patent processing, we also have independence to conduct searches and provide opinions regarding the validity of a patent. We often provide technical support to the litigation department by preparing technical arguments for contentious infringement proceedings and nullity, questionnaire for expert testimony, as well as the design and strategy of scientific analysis that can be used to support and demonstrate our position and arguments in a given case.

Our patent professionals are not only scientifically trained, they also have master’s degrees, diplomas and specializations in Industrial Property Law by various universities in Mexico and abroad.


Also, we have the knowledge and skills necessary to advise our clients with respect to any doubt, query or question related to the subject of patents in Mexico.

A full range of searches is covered by our experts in the field. The records of the Mexican Institute of Industrial Property are reviewed in detail, as well as a series of legal tools available, in an effort to identify potential conflicts regarding the use of trademarks that are not registered. Likewise, we offer searches related to dilution of trademarks, seeking at any time to anticipate possible conflicts or impediments in classes other than those that protect the product or service in question.

The processing and follow-up of applications include strategic meetings with examiners when required, as well as highly qualified advice to anticipate obstacles, as well as their planning to overcome them.


The renewals and the integral maintenance of the registries registries are reviewed in detail by means of the use of tools and software of the highest technology, keeping them updated constantly.

Calderón & de la Sierra has recognized experience in the cinematographic, musical, television, and software and telecommunications industries in particular. Our team is able to advise and support our clients in all their copyright needs.


Our services include all the administrative stages of registration by the National Institute of Copyright, as well, after the preparation and negotiation of important agreements and defense, we get involved in all the administrative and judicial instances.

If you would like more information about our actions of defense and litigation in this matter, please refer to our litigation area.

Strategy is key to reach business success. Licensing and proper franchise operations are essential tools for growing industries.


We provide experienced negotiation, planning and negotiation skills, with the objective of successfully achieving business models of licensing and franchising. In addition, monitoring compliance with the corresponding agreements is also included in our services.

If you would like more information regarding our actions of defense and litigation in this matter, please refer to our litigation area.

Issues related to industrial secrets and unfair competition are regulated by the Industrial Property Law in Mexico. While these concepts go beyond common intellectual property institutions in other jurisdictions, the truth is that they are included in the Mexican legislation on the subject.

It has been demonstrated that, in order to help our clients achieve their goals and meet their expectations when we face strategies or problems resulting from any of these legal institutions, there is a deep understanding of the situation and we manage it as well the industrial secrets and practices of unfair competition in our country.