Miguel Angel Merino


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Universidad La Salle. Law degree.

Universidad de Estudios de Posgrado en Derecho. Legal Audit

Instituto Tecnologico Autonomo de Mexico (ITAM) Diploma in Intellectual Property

Universidad Panamericana. Specialty in Intellectual Property Law.


International Trademark Association (INTA)

In 2002 he founded the firm Merino y Maille, and in 2020 he joined Calderon y de la Sierra.

Miguel Angel has represented for more than 15 years the main software development companies in the world, with which he has initiated more than 3,000 litigation processes on defense and protection of their intellectual property rights.

His experience is mainly focused on industrial property and intellectual property litigation issues. He has advised companies in the food industry, service providers, musical groups and writers, on the protection of their intellectual property.

For two consecutive years he was a member of the Editorial Board of Contraband and Piracy of Reforma Newspaper, and he has offered various conferences at the Mexican Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property, Instituto Tecnologico de Monterrey and Universidad La Salle. He is currently the Head Professor of the Chair of Infringements in Matters of Commerce and Infringements in Matters of Copyright, in the Master of Industrial Property, Copyright and New Technologies of the Universidad Panamericana.

  • Member of the Board of Contraband and Piracy of Reforma Newspaper
  • Professor at Universidad Panamericana.
  • Infringements in Matters of Commerce. Mexican Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property.
  • Legal Advice for Software Developers.
  • Intellectual Property. Trademarks and Software Protection for Entrepreneurs.
  • General Aspects of Copyright. Instituto Tecnologico de Monterrey.
  • Procedural Defenses on Copyright. Universidad La Salle.